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have a lot of things want to rent out, but don't know where to start

Inn Apartment senior consultant has ten years of rental experience, teaching you to be a professional landlord from scratch


文  案

撰  寫

Copywriting skills for different platforms, how to write successful copywriting on the platform! From content marketing to SEO optimization, they are taught privately by the experienced Inn Apartment team.


房  產

現  況

Inn Apartment senior consultants have more than ten years of real estate experience, familiar with the current situation of real estate in various regions, assessing which suites are suitable for renovation in different locations, or other types of rooms, calculating the rate of return on investment, etc., to check the investment of the homeowner.



出  租

平  台

In addition to the domestic 591/ Rental Housing Network, Inn Apartment also has rich operating experience in foreign rental housing platforms, and is familiar with the different operating skills and market ecology of each platform.



成  交

密  技

The transaction will be completed within 2-3 days after the normal decoration is completed. Inn Apartment teaches the skills of viewing with high experience and how to avoid invalid viewing. It advertises an honest introduction and can successfully trade secret skills in a short time without any words.

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Inn Apartment service area

Taipei City:Datong District、ZhongshanDistrict、Songshan District、Neihu District、Wanhua District、Zhongzheng District、Da’an District、XinyiDistrict、Nangang District、Wenshan District、Beitou District(Alliance)、ShilinDistrict(Alliance)

New TaipeiCity:SanchongDistrict、BanqiaoDistrict、ZhongheDistrict、YongheDistrict、XindianDistrict、TuchengDistrict(Alliance)、XizhiDistrict(Alliance)、LuzhouDistrict(Alliance)

The scope of Old house renovation is currently limited to Taipei City & New Taipei City

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Working hours:10:30 A.M. ~ 18:30 P.M.


TEL: +886-2-775-15114 (Guests staying within three days can call this reservation line)



LINE ID:@innapartment  (即時客服聯繫窗口)


上班時間:每日 10:00 A.M. ~ 18:00 P.M.


電話: 02-77515114 (三日內入住客人可撥打此訂房專線)

逸台北短租套房 鄰近台北市中心各大捷運站,生活機能方便;月租套房設計精緻,提供便宜台北短期租屋價格,不論是出差需要在台北短租、來台北考試研習需要短租一個月、來台北打工度假需要暫時短期租屋等各種的中短期住宿需求,都能讓您用最理想的價格在台北享受到優質的短期住宿品質。



上班時間:每日 10:30 A.M. ~ 18:30 P.M.

電話: 02-77515114 (三日內入住客人可撥打此訂房專線)


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