InnApartment(Taipei Service Apartment) has short-term rentals in the vicinity of every major MRT station within an 8 minute walking distance of National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University, The NTNU business district ......

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-Two bedrooms and one living room, family style
-About 8 min. walk to Taipower Building MRT Station. (Green line-G08)
-About 5-8 min walk to Guting shopping area.
-About 2-3 min walk to Supermarket(Simple Mart),Convenient store(7-11&Family Mart)


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Looking for apartment

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Tenant: Grant (USA)

Why coming to Taipei: Study

Favorite Taiwanese food:beef noodle

I’d always get very timely responses by the INN-Taipei staff.Which is 9am to 7pm I think is the window, which is so quite long.They have that long of a ten hours a day you can ask question.I lived in the apartment in Gongguan. It’s very convenient. It’s right next to the subway stop


About InnApartment

InnApartment(Taipei Service Apartment) has rentals in the vicinity of every major MRT station within an 8 minute walking distance of National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University, The NTNU business district and Shida Night Market tourist area. Whether you are sightseeing or a visiting student, on a business trip, or merely looking for a short term rental, our accommodations will meet all your needs for comfortable and relaxed living. InnApartment offers fully furnished and elegantly designed short term monthly rentals with abundant natural lighting and everything you need for your daily life. This includes a fully customizable housekeeping service, an airport shuttle, free high-speed internet, professional cleaning and fresh sheets. In order to provide you the most tranquil an comfortable accommodation, we have created an all new service concept. Make your reservation today and arrive tomorrow with just your suitcase and feel at ease because Ideal Living Taipei's most important concern is your comfort.

逸台北短租套房 鄰近台北市中心各大捷運站,生活機能方便;月租套房設計精緻,提供便宜台北短期租屋價格,不論是出差需要在台北短租、來台北考試研習需要短租一個月、來台北打工度假需要暫時短期租屋等各種的中短期住宿需求,都能讓您用最理想的價格在台北享受到優質的短期住宿品質。



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電話: 02-77515114 (三日內入住客人可撥打此訂房專線)

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