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Advance Payment

The amount of the advance payment depends on the tenant’s rent payment plan: 1.Pay the rent in full The amount of the advance payment is 50% of the total rent.


2.Pay the rent monthly

The amount of the advance payment is 50% of the first-month rent.

Security Deposit

1.All the facilities, walls, etc. shall be kept clean and tidy. Before move-out, the tenant shall restore the property to its original condition. In the case of any loss of or damage to the property by the tenant, Inn Apartment is entitled to deduct money from the security deposit for compensation.


2.All the facilities and objects are priced. The tenant shall pay the full price for anything damaged or lost.


3.The tenant shall remove the garbage from the property. When the tenant moves out, excessive waste and personal items left will be emptied and charged to the tenant for disposal.


4.If the tenant does not schedule the inspection 7 days prior to the move-out, which causes failure of receiving the deposit on-site, Inn Apartment will transfer the deposit to the tenant. (New Taiwan Dollar Account only and the transaction charge is borne by the tenant)


5.The security deposit differs from different types of studio. Please refer to the website page of Pricing for further details or contact our agents.

Rent Payment

1.In Full
Pay the rent in full when move-in


Pay the first-month rent when move-in; all the subsequent rents shall be paid on the 20th of each month.

(Monthly payment is only available for tenants renting for more than 90 days. Tenants renting for less than 90 days shall pay the rent in full when move-in.)


All the prices on the website are Pre-Tax.

Service Charges

Innapartment Service

◆Room Clean (3 hours) NT$1500

◆Trash service NT$720/months

For Sale

◆New Pillow NT$600/unit

◆Twin-Size Duvet  NT$1200/unit

For Sale

◆ Pillow Cover NT$30/unit

◆ Duvet Cover NT$600/unit

◆ Bed Sheet NT$420/unit

Mattress Protector NT$600/unit

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Bank Transfer

Credit Card


1.In order to confirm the booking, the tenant is required to pay an advance in the amount of 50% of one month’s rent.


2.Methods of advance and rent payment: Cash, Domestic ATM Transfer(no processing fee with an E.SUN bank account), Credit Card(only through INSTO or PAYPAL)


3.In credit card payment(only through INSTO or PAYPAL), all transaction charges are borne by the tenant.


4.Please pay the final payment and security deposit upon move-in. On the move-out day, Inn Apartment will deduct the amount of the electricity bill from the tenant’s security deposit and return the rest of it.


5.After the advance payment, the tenant is required to comply with our Cancellation Policy


6.If a refund is needed, please refer to the website page of Cancellation Policy for details or contact our agents.






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