Before You Check In

You can get 50% Refund

30 days before you check in

You can get 25% Refund

16 days before you check in 

 You can get 10% Refund

8 days before you check in

You can't get ANY Refund

Renting period begins

Check-out day

Example of a refund prior to arrival:


Mr. Zhang rented a 24,000 NTD room on 7/23 and paid a deposit of 12,000 NTD.

The following is the amount of money refunded at different points in time:
1.More than 30 days before check in :refund of $6,000 (50% of the original deposit)
2. 16 days before check in :refund of $3,000 NTD (25% of the original 12,000 NTD)
3. 8 days before check in : refund of $1,200 NTD (10% of the original 12,000 NTD)

4. 7 days before check in : no refund

Period of stay

Early termination of the liquidated damages is one month's rent for the rented house type.

Check-out day

Example: The current month for stay:

Mr. Zhang has paid a booking order fee NTD$12,000 before.Totally rent fee for a room is NTD$24,000 per month.Contract starts on 8/21. And the deposit is NTD$24,000.

If Mr. Zhang want to terminate contract, Mr. Zhang has to pay the liquidated damages about one month's rent.

※Electricity charges separately
※If check-out earlier, the full amount of deposit will not be refunded.

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